Recover Value For Your Overstock or Surplus Bearings & PT Products Inventory

Get Money For Products You Don’t Need • Free Up Space • Reduce Tax Burden

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Excess Bearings Shouldn’t Sit In Your Stock Room

An overflowing stockroom of excess bearing and PT components is a detriment to your operations.

Don’t let your deadstock hold you back. Let us buy back your excess inventory.

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Free Up Space In Your Stockroom and Make Money Doing It

  • Avoid losing money on deadstock
  • Save important stockroom space
  • Provide a value-added service to your customers

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Selling Your Surplus Bearing Inventory Is Easy


Let Us Know What You Have

  • BDS can purchase the material directly through your company.
  • With your direction and assistance, we can purchase the material directly from your customer.
  • BDS can conduct all negotiations with your customer as an independent source that you have provided for the express purpose of purchasing excess inventory.

We understand that each situation is fairly unique; BDS can customize a solution to fit the needs of you and your customer.

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We Don’t Just Care About Bearings. We Care About You.

  • Trusted by Major Bearing Distributors Since 1984
  • We buy bearings and PT products of all sizes and amounts
  • We can purchase surplus stock from distributors or directly from your customers with your approval
  • Keeping your stock room organized and up-to-date is challenging
  • Many distributors and their customers are unsure what to do with their excess bearing inventory
  • Holding on to unneeded bearings takes up valuable space and is costing you money. That’s why we offer our bearing buyback program to turn your excess bearings into cash

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Stop the Frustration of Having a Stock Room Full of Excess Inventory and Instead, Use Our Buyback Program to Recover the Value

You likely have excess inventory clogging up your stock room, taking up valuable space which is costing you money. With our buyback program, we give you an upfront offer on prepared listings. If you don’t have a prepared listing, we will do an inventory evaluation for you. If you don’t like our offer, we will pay the freight back to you.

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