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Year Warranty From Date of Shipment

To Reduce Lead Time and Become A Trusted Partner, You Have To Get Access To The Bearings You Need

But There’s a Problem...

Your supply chain is restricted

Verifying the shelf-life of the lubricant is difficult

Updating lubricant shelf-life requires specialized equipment, cleanroom environment

Specialty interchanges are not available

Improper lubrication shortens bearing life

You don’t have the bearing knowledge to inspect

BDS has everything you need to locate, authenticate and relubricate the bearings you need at a fraction of the cost and lead time of other bearing suppliers.

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Save Time and Get The Specialty Bearing Solutions You Need With BDS

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Avoid Supply Chain Headaches

Never search for specialty bearing solutions again - Plugin to our network and get access to all of our inventory and all of our services.


Minimize Lead Time

We provide several solutions to get the bearings you need when the manufacturer doesn’t have them in stock.


Get The Right Solution

We inspect 100% of our products to guarantee you’re getting exactly what you need to meet or exceed the requirements of your application.


Tell Us Your Problem

Talk with a bearing specialist to help find a solution.


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Get a quote and place your order all in the same day.


Solve Your Problem

Talk with a bearing specialist Don’t let your supply chain hold you back.

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We Know What It’s Like
To Be Held Back.

We’re Here For You.

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Trusted by distributors, repair stations and manufacturers


One of the largest bearing stock listed on ILS and Parts Base


Providing bearing solutions for 30+ years

Sourcing & Authentication Experience You Can Trust

My team and I have had the pleasure of working with Bearing & Drive Systems (BDS) for over nine years. As a buyer in the aviation industry, time is of the essence. We also have a stringent shelf life, and certification requirements that need to be met and BDS delivers.

Jason and the team at BDS have provided us with exceptional service every step of the way. From processing our orders quickly to shipping right away: we can trust them to get us what we need.

There are many distributors to choose from, but time after time: BDS is the right choice.

Angie Escareno
Procurement Supervisor



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  • Air Frame Series
  • Rod Ends
  • Instrument Bearings
  • Plain Sphericals
  • And all other common bearing types


  • Preload changes
  • Flush Grinding
  • Manufacturing
  • Relubrication
  • Recertification
  • Packaging

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Stop Struggling with Your Supply Chain and Get The Bearings You Need With BDS.

With the constant need and demand for products in the specialized aviation market it makes it hard to find the bearings you need. With BDS as your out of the box supplier, you get the bearings you need, when you need them, and you’ll meet your customers’ requirements.

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