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Bearing Repair - Senergy Industrial Solutions

Bearing Repair - Senergy Industrial Solutions

Senergy Industrial Solutions needed new 10" ID Bearings quickly after a failure ended up shutting down their plant.

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Bearing Repair - 6PCS. Timken: M28344DW/410D/410/410

Motion Industries needed 6PCS. of part number M28344DW/410D/410/410 for a customer.

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Bearing Sourcing - Timken: M283449DW 900024

Motion Industries needed to locate a Timken M283449DW 900024 bearing for a customer's reversing mill.

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Bearing Inventory - Torrington: B9362G

A customer reached out looking for help locating a TORRINGTON B9362G triple ring bearing that was used at a Georgia Pacific paper mill in a deflection compensation roll.

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Bearing Sourcing - 3 PCS. Timken/Torrington: 287TQO816

A major distributor needed to locate a Timken/Torrington 287TQO816 bearing for a customer's reversing mill.

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Re-lubrication - 2MM208WIDUL FS633A

No immediate stock at branch. Customer needed part with special grease.

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Bearing Modification - LM451349 90102

No stock at factory or branches. BDS had the cups and cones in stock, and was able to send the parts over to BMC in order to have a spacer made and ground to the correct end play to compose the requested.

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Bearing Modification - 2MMC9122WIDUL

No stock at factory or branches. BDS had stock on the part with steel balls. Utilizing our sister company, BMC

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Re-lubrication - Timken: 1872020629

Spoke with Michelle regarding stock that they would like to have re-lubricated, and Updated cure dates.

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23156CAC C4W33

Bearing Inventory - SKF: 23156 CAC C4 W33

Applied had a paper mill customer that needed a spherical bearing with special clearance asap. BDS has part in stock and shipped out same day order was received. SKF 23156 CAC C4 W33. BDS extensive stock allowed the customer to get the bearing they needed quickly as opposed to waiting 4-6 weeks.

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HM252343D (7)

Bearing Inventory - Timken: HM252343D

Applied needed a discontinued Timken double cone. Timken has not produced this HM252343D in many years. BDS had stock that has been well preserved. BDS inspected and warrantied the product and shipped same day order was received.

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5405M (4)

Bearing Inventory - SKF: 5405

Customer needed 5405 with a bronze retainer. 5405 is a fairly common size but no one makes them with the bronze retainer anymore. BDS still has stock that has been kept correctly over the years. Able to ship out same day.

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Bearing Inventory - M241547/M241510

M241547/M241510 After hours order. Sat afternoon customers plant was completely down and they needed parts asap. BDS had cups and cones in stock and had ready for a same day courier to pick up within 2 hours. Parts were taken directly to customer in Alabama who was able to get up and running Sunday morning instead of waiting to place a order on Monday and waiting to get the parts from there.

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Bearing Inventory - Aviation

BDS had a job from a restoration foundation that restores old WW2 aircraft. In this particular instance, they had a job to restore a WW2 PBY Catalina for a museum. This Catalina was actually on a mission out of Iceland and was sunken by a German U boat in WW2. BDS was able to provide all the old and obsolete bearings needed to rebuild and restore this amazing aircraft. As well as retain a piece of valuable history that could have been lost forever.

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