Torrington B9362G Triple Ring Bearing



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A customer reached out looking for help locating a TORRINGTON B9362G triple ring bearing that was used at a Georgia Pacific paper mill in a deflection compensation roll.

The customer's search for this specific triple ring bearing was falling short because it was not in stock anywhere, and as a result, they were feeling pressured on time and the stress that comes with finding a solution.

Since no stock was available anywhere, we worked with the customer to instead use a remanufactured bearing that we had ready to go at our facility in Cleveland, OH.

We shipped the bearing to Valmet (3rd party that rebuilds large rolls for paper mill customers) and the customer got what they needed delivered in 2 days, so they could get back up and running to alleviate extended downtime. Even though the bearing was remanufactured, BDS still honored a year warranty on it (same as buying new).

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